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If you’re thinking about applying to an advanced program at West Virginia University, we hope you’ll check out this guide for an in-depth look into the application process for WVU’s advanced programs.

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This guide is designed to showcase the various research-based graduate programs offered at West Virginia University and to highlight the importance of an education at a university that has a strong commitment to high research activity.

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This guide will showcase the various graduate assistantships that students at West Virginia University can apply for while enrolled in an advanced academic program along with the benefits of being a part of a graduate assistantship.

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A Guide to Financing Graduate School in 2017-704524-edited.png

West Virginia University knows that investing in a graduate degree can be costly, so we’ve put together a guide to help you address your concerns regarding taking that next academic pursuit.

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Understanding the Real ROI of a Grad Degree in Business 12px Border.jpg

This guide will be a true resource as you take a serious look at advanced business degrees. It examines the possible costs and the likely benefits, both from a financial perspective and a personal fulfillment perspective.

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Considering graduate school? This practical guide will inform your graduate school decision from the perspective of your desired career field. 

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Is the GRE a requirement for your graduate program? Start preparing now with this cheat sheet. 

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Frequently asked questions and answers about the Gradaute Business Programs at West Virginia University.

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